June 2013 Poem-A-Day Challenge – Poem #2 (How Did You Get Here?)

How did you get here?
What tragic series of events brought you to this gutter?
Were you used so well and hard that the only place left was here?
Were you lost and abandoned without a backward glance?
How could someone just leave you?!
How could someone not realize he had lost you in the gutter?
How did you get here dirty underwear?
Why are you rolling in the parking lot green lime?
Your tumble from the plastic shopping bag went unnoticed.
Your owner now standing in the kitchen, a puzzled look on her face:
“I’m sure I bought six … will this make enough margaritas?”
Perhaps she will run you over as she returns to replace you.
Sad and lonely sock;
The grass has grown up around you.
Your mate is no where to be seen.
Did she leave you because you smelled bad?
Did she leave you because of your holier than thou attitude?
I wish to learn the stories of the lost and forgotten.
How do gutters and ditches and boulevards and back alleys become the graveyards
For discarded and neglected undergarments, footwear and perfectly edible foodstuffs?
Perhaps this is all part of the Great Mystery;
Designed to remind me to always know where I left my underpants.

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