June 2013 Poem-A-Day Challenge – Poem #3 (Bus Ride Poem)

Pay your fare quickly
     use as few dimes as possible
     don’t get a transfer unless you absolutely have to
     pray your pass doesn’t cause the collection machine to make a horrible noise
Do not sit beside someone
     unless you know this person
     or you absolutely have to sit down
Do not look at anyone
     stare out the window
     or at the floor
Look busy
     if it doesn’t make you sick, read
     send text messages
     fiddle with your iPod
If you have to stand find a strong posture
     you don’t want to fall over when the bus turns a corner
Do not ring the bell too soon
     the bus driver may come to a halt half-way between stops
     then you’ll have to walk an extra block or more
In winter make sure you have a place to stuff your hat and mitts possibly your scarf, too
     firstly so you don’t lose them
     secondly so you don’t overheat and get sick
In summer wear pants or a skirt with a hem at your knee or longer
     otherwise your legs will probably stick to the seat and make embarrassing noises when you leave
Always give up  your seat for
     old people, pregnant women and small children
Do not have loud cellphone conversations
     or conversations filled with expletives
Put your bag on your lap if the seats are becoming scarce
     it’s just common courtesy
Do not make faces when someone sits down beside you and smells funny
     this person is probably having a rougher day than you are
Remember this is a bus ride
     you don’t control the speed, the traffic or the route
     you will get where you are going eventually.

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