NaNoWriMo Words – Day 8

I called Janet just after 9:30 as I knew the little munchkins would be in bed.  We chatted about work, my dad’s fall, her husband’s promotion and her kids for a while.  As we’ve known each other for nearly twenty years she cut right to the heart of the reason I phoned after we caught up.  I don’t normally call in the middle of the week so she knew something was up.  I told her about Dave’s invitation.  She was about to give me her wise advice when I got a beep in my ear.  The caller ID told me it was Dave.  Janet offered to wait while I got the details from Dave.  He offered to pick me up at my place around seven tomorrow evening.  He hoped he wasn’t being presumptuous, but he’d made a reservation at Decadence and if the weather cooperated we might walk there.  I said it sounded great and I would see him tomorrow.  When I reconnected with Janet I gave her the play-by-play of my conversation with Dave.  She laughed, then in her most patronizing tone, let me know that Dave was most definitely not interested in discussing the case with me.  I assured her that while it had been awhile I wasn’t a complete dolt when it came to dating.  I decided I would wear a skirt, but that I wouldn’t buy a new one.  Janet approved, saying she thought that was the best way to go.  She also told me she’d fly out just to smack me if I didn’t call her as soon as I got home tomorrow evening.  Of course, Friday morning would be fine if I didn’t make it home until then.  I let her know just how likely that would be by making a reference to snowballs and hell.  We rang off and I promised I would call as soon as I got home tomorrow – cross my heart and hope to die!  Well, there was no getting around it I definitely had a date tomorrow evening.  With a greying cop with a droopy mustache and a buckle too heavy for his pants.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.  But, I had to get back on the horse, so to speak, and Dave was a very nice man.  I just wasn’t sure if his being a very nice man was enough.  And,  if it was enough, how would our working relationship change?  Would things be weird now?  What if it didn’t work out?  Would things be weirder? I guess I’d find out tomorrow.  I changed and crawled into bed with a second-hand Dashiell Hammett novel and Lucky.  My brain couldn’t concentrate on The Glass Key, but it kept me distracted from playing out possible awkward and embarrassing scenes of tomorrow evening’s date.  I finally turned out the light at one.  I think I fell asleep around two.  Lucky was snoring by eleven.  Definitely luckier than me!


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