NaNoWriMo Words – Day 7

I opened the file folder first.  Dave’s notes regarding the new evidence were on top.  The next pages were copies of the 1939 police report and notes.  Then there were photos of the evidence found with the body in 1939.  Lisa and Dave knew I would be heading to the evidence lockers to look at the original documents and artefacts.  I still appreciated having some context for the shoe box’s contents.  I hope they would let me take the whole file box back to my home office.  It wasn’t strictly proper for a civilian to remove police property.  However, they both knew I would be extremely careful and respectful of the evidence and that I was really more comfortable at home.  [important to have the shoe box at home] Dave told me the artefacts had all been photographed, catalogued, dusted for fingerprints and scraped for trace evidence.  They were waiting for those results and I could take the whole box home.  He offered to walk me to my car, so I said goodbye to Lisa.  I’d be in touch as soon as I had an idea where the evidence led me.

Dave and I chatted about his new apartment as we rode the elevator down to the main floor.  His divorced had been finalized seven months ago.  He’d just bought this new condo about three weeks ago.  The place was downtown so he could walk to work.  We walked across the frigid parking lot to my car.  He held the door for me as I settled the box on the floor in the back.  I had the driver’s side door open and was about to get in when Dave put his hand on my arm.  I looked up and was startled by the intensity of his green eyes.  Would I like to have dinner?  It took me one of those really long feeling seconds to register his question.  Yes, that would be great.  It took me another second to register that I had responded.  We could discuss the case tomorrow over dinner.  Right.  Oh.  As I drove out of the parking lot I wasn’t sure if I had a date tomorrow or not.


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