Friday Essay – New Year, Same Me (sort of)

wpid-paperartist_2015-01-01_14-53-40.jpegNow that we’ve all had a week to get bored of our new year’s resolutions, here’s my blog post about new year’s resolutions!  I’m all for choosing to be a better human being in one way or an other.  But why do we make the same ones?  And, hard ones, too! Lose weight. Eat more kale. Run three times a week. I don’t make these kinds of resolutions – I can never keep them, they play into the desires of North American ideals I reject and I’ve never found happiness in them.  Of course, many people resolve to meditate, spend more time with family and friends, live more simply, get out of debt.  Those are things I value and think people should strive for more often.  As you may have guessed I don’t ‘do’ new year’s resolutions.  If figure if something is really important to me I’ll do it, I’ll get it, I’ll make a plan for it, etc.  Generally, that’s what happens.  I’m pretty good at making plans and sticking to them.  I’m not bad at following through on long-term goals that are really important to me.  I also really enjoy being in the moment.  I think this might be why I tend to eat more pizza than salad – pizza is really good in the moment and a salad is more of a commitment to the future.  In any event, I don’t like the idea of new year’s resolutions because the usual suspects are short-sighted, perhaps too ambitious without a good plan, or too specific without flexibility.  I have’t bothered making any in quite a while, but I was recently reminded that a few years ago I set some themes and intentions for my new year.  That year I chose to focus on Balance, Order and Spirit.  I don’t remember how well that worked out. But, I remember one year – four years ago – that was awesome! (I’m not sure it was the Balance, Order, Spirit year)  It was the year I turned forty and I decided to do it well.  That was probably one of the best years of my life.  I did a lot of soul searching.  I did a lot of things slightly outside  my comfort zone.  I celebrated myself.  I travelled.  I stretched and grew as a human being.  I had a butt-ton of fun, too!  It was a delightful year.  In the four years since I’ve struggled with physical and mental health issues.  And, I’ve been in a wonderful relationship – supportive, loving, fun.  I’ve been re-evaluating my goals, purpose, values, desires.  Now that I think about it, I’ve been working through a pretty classic ‘midlife crisis’ – younger partner and everything (he’s two years younger, but I think that still counts)!  I’ve come to a point where some big goals and some focussing themes feel like good things.  Three themes came to me based on some work I did a few months ago: Learn, Create, Laugh.  Some of my big goals for the year include: increase my financial literacy and work on debt reduction; treat my body nicely (a few more salads, dancing, vitamins); making more art – especially clowning and comedy; clearing my space, preparing for a big move; and, generally looking on the brighter side of life.  I’m not expecting all of these things to magically occur, but I feel like big themes and big goals are the way to go for me. I’ve got some direction, some parametres and lots of flexibility within those parametres to meet my goals my way.

I wish you all the best in the new year – even if, perhaps especially if, you have some very specific resolutions!  😉  I expect my 2016 to be quite interesting!


Be Lovely to Each Other,


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