Friday Essay – What Hidden Clues Does Your Home Reveal?

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Little HouseI chose this question because it seemed a little odd, different from the typical purpose finding questions.  The website suggests walking around your home like a detective looking for clues, as if you didn’t know the people who live there.  I didn’t really do that.  I decided to just start writing and see what happens.  So … what clues does my home reveal about me?  Well, I don’t like cleaning up and I when I’m busy the messes just seem to get worse.  I try to get organized a couple of times a year, but I like projects and tend to leave project debris around the house. I’d like to keep plants but mostly I forget to water them.  My dog does pretty much whatever he wants.  So, in my home I’m not the most disciplined person you’ve ever met.  People tend to comment on the number of family photos I have.  And, the art on the walls, most of which is by family or gifts from family.  I have a strong sense of heritage and connection to family and ancestors.  I like natural stuff for the most part – wood and tile floors, stone fireplace, windows that open, grass and trees and ‘volunteer’ plants (aka weeds) surround my home.  The house itself is not only well established (built in 1923) in the oldest part of the city (founded in 1882) but I had personal history with the house before we bought it.  It belonged to the parents of friends.  Both my brother and I spent time with our friends in the house before we bought it a few years ago.  So, what my home reveals about me is that I love to be connected – connected to the earth, connected to the past, connected to a place, connected to friends and family and ancestors. I have a touch of wanderlust and dream of travelling and living in far away places.  So, I don’t think the fact that I live in an old house in an old part of this city that I’ve lived in for most of my life means that I want to grow deep roots and stay forever.  I think it tells me that I love old houses in old parts of cities with stories and history.  These clues tell me I love to be connected to my family and heritage – photos can always travel with me.  I know I want to travel to (maybe even live in) the UK and Ireland – places where I know I have deep roots.  I know that wherever I live I’ll want to have natural, earthy elements in my home – maybe even a home made of rammed earth on the West Coast …  I also know that I have too many things.  I don’t like tidying up and fewer things means fewer messes to clean up!  This odd little question has been one of the more revelatory ones I’ve tackled through this process.

When you reflect on where you live, how you live and what clues your home may hold, what do you think you might find?

Be Lovely to Each Other,