Friday Essay – What would you do if money were no barrier?

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Old building in Vancouver surrounded by skyscrapersThe funny thing about this question is that is seems to suggest you win the giant lotto jackpot and are free to live a life of luxury.  What came to my mind when I thought of money being no barrier was actually ‘no money.’  What would I do if I could live and thrive and do what I wanted without worrying about money?  I would have food and shelter and clothes and all the necessities of life without having to worry about money.  There are a few things that come to mind.  I might like to live in a cabin on Denman Island on Canada’s West Coast.  I’d make art and clothes and food.  I’d make medicine and conduct rites of passage.  I’d keep chickens and bees and sheep. I’d wear big woolen sweaters and Birkenstock sandals.  I’d love the life of a wise woman, a crone. Or, I’d live in an apartment in an old building in a funky part of Seattle or Vancouver.  I’d make art and perform and produce shows and sew costumes. I’d make room for new artists and performers to do what moves them.  I’d have a little dog and grow tomatoes on my balcony  I’d wear big woolen sweaters and Blundstone boots.  Or, I’d live in a small, West Coast town making art and running programs for children and youth. And, of course, I’d live this wonderful life with my favourite fella who would do whatever he wanted to do.  Once or twice or more each year we’d travel to Hawai’i, California, the UK, New York, wherever our fancy took us.  Maybe I’ll live a completely different life! But if money were no barrier, I would certainly be making a lot more art and drinking a lot more coffee in quaint bistros in the middle of the afternoon!  Really, what this question asks, in my opinion, is ‘what are you called to do?’  Being ‘called’ is a term heard most often in religious circles but I think it works for all of us.  What makes your heart sing?  What lights a fire in your soul?  Or, in my case, what makes you forget to eat and be hungry?  That is what you are probably called to do.  And, I think many of us could do many things.  We’re competent at plenty of tasks.  We enjoy many activities.  We are curious about lots of things.  But, when you are truly honest with yourself what does your heart want?  It would appear that what really calls to me is making art, making space for humans to learn and grown, living on the West Coast, and wearing sweaters and comfortable shoes.  These are actually things that I can probably make happen (besides I already wear Birkenstocks and Blundstones) and money isn’t the barrier (I’m lucky that way).

So, what are you called to do?  When you think about doing whatever you want as often as you want, what are you doing?

Be Lovely to Each Other,