Friday Essay – What are you naturally good at?

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I felt like I had to go back to my childhood to answer this one.  There are things that I am pretty good at or that have come quite easily to me but are learned skills.  Being able to communicate clearly and with compassion is something I learned.  The ability to write a coherent and compelling research paper was also a skill that I developed over many years.  So, while I’m relatively competent in those areas I wouldn’t say that I am naturally good at them.  So, I though about the kind of kid I was before I turned ten or twelve, before I started really consciously learning things.  Some of my earliest memories are from day care.  I clearly remember loving yoga with one of the day care workers.  My friend and I played a game with a few boys called ‘Kissing Girls’ – it was very much like freeze tag except we had to kiss the boys instead of tagging them.  I love science and nature.  My dad and I grew mold on bread in jars for fun.  By the time I was three I knew the names of all the dinosaurs in my National Geographic dinosaur book.  I loved to dance and read and write and move and create.  I don’t think I was an exceptional child and I know I had great, encouraging parents.  They took my brother and me to museums, libraries, zoos, parks, dance classes, art classes, judo, basketball.  We made art and science and Hallowe’en costumes and food together. I also recall being quite a spiritual and mystical child.  I believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy quite ardently for a good long time.  I left a note for god under my pillow one night – to which he did not reply, so I’m basically an atheist now.  As I got older it seemed school and friends took up more and more time. I continued with drama and music through high school – drama, at least, seemed to come naturally.  In any event, things that came naturally to me as a child – being curious, loving, creative, spiritual and physical – are, for the most part, things that continue to be important elements of who I am.  There have certainly been times in my life when I have forgotten to honour one or more of those essential elements but they have never disappeared entirely.  This exercise of working through meaning-making questions is definitely bringing me back to that person I was naturally as a child.  I have always liked her and I’m very glad of the chance to get to know her again and make her a bigger part of my life.

Are there elements of yourself you have neglected?  How can you honour them again? What are your natural talents?

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    • That is lovely! Thanks so much, Juliet. That sounds precisely right – especially conformity as my depleting path (a term I’ve never heard before but really like)!

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