Friday Essay – Given Your Talents, Passions and Values How Could You Use These Resources to Serve?

flying dreamFor me this is an excellent question, it gets to the heart of what a search for meaning and purpose is about for me. I think you have to have some idea of the talents, passions and values available to you first – which is can be a big search in and of itself.  Then you must be on board with the idea that you should serve.  Not everyone is on board with that one. How do I recognize my talents? How do I express my values?  How do I know my passions?  And, how do I best serve those with whom I share this planet?  The other thing I like about this question is that is is very personal.  So often I see injustice, hatred, corruption, environmental destruction and I feel overwhelmed.  How can I possibly fix all of this?  Of course, I can’t.  But, given my talents and passions and values I can do something to serve and contribute to making a small part of the injustices better.  I know that I have talent in organizing, writing, creating, performing and making space.  I know that I value learning, play, collaboration, love and freedom.  I know that I am passionate about art, spirituality, rites of passage, women’s issues, and sexuality.  Within all of these are concrete ways that I might serve and make the world a little bit better for others.  The how might be a challenge or it might not seem like much but if it feeds my soul and helps others then it will be enough.  In fact, I can already see many things I’m currently doing and planning that will bring all my talents, values and passions to the service of others.  I imagine these as a personal ministry.  A ministry that brings women hope in the face of marginalization.  A ministry that empowers people to grow in wisdom.  A ministry that gives people permission to laugh in the face of fear.  A ministry that brings me alive and makes my soul sing as it serves others.  It is going to take a long time and a lot of dedication to manifest all of this in my life. I work in a job that, while relatively secure and well-paying – is not my favourite thing to do for seven hours a day five days a week.  So, while I work at putting my talents, passions and values to work for the world in my spare time I have to keep this big picture in mind each time I sit down at my desk in my little office.  The more I realize my talents, passions and values each day – even if it’s just for a few minutes – the closer I will come to being able to truly serve in the way I want to serve.

What might your personal ministry be?  What service are your passions, talents and values leading you towards?

Be Lovely to Each Other,