Friday Essay – What Are Your Deepest Values?

wpid-paperartist_2015-01-05_16-14-37.jpegThis question came with a list.  The suggestion was to choose between three and six of the values listed and to prioritize them.  Here is the list (link)  I may have ‘cheated’ a little – combining a few and making up my own.  In any event, these are my deepest held values (based on the list I was given and the way I was feeling when I read it) in order of priority to me:

1. Learning/Intelligence

2. Play/Humour

3. Interdependence/Collaboration

4. Love

5. Freedom

There was no directive to contemplate these values (unless I missed it, it happens) – why they might be important to me; why would I prioritize them in the way I did.  Though I expect if I took the time to write about each of these in any kind of detail very few readers would get to the end of this essay.  Of course, just that list does say a lot about me.  I prize learning and intelligence above all else – given the choice between being swayed by my heart and what my mind tells me, I most often choose my mind.  Which doesn’t always make the right choice but more often the choice I can live with.  I love levity and fun.  I’m sure without laughing and playing I would shrivel up and blow away.  Interdependence and collaboration were not on the original list. ‘Independence’ was on the list and I wrote it down, but upon further reflection I decided I do not prize independence as much as I value interdependence.  No one is an island, as they say.  And, while I am a relatively independent person I could certainly not survive for long completely independently.  Love, of course, humans without love do very poorly in most if not all aspects of life.  I don’t simply mean romantic love or even being loved.  Familial love and loving others are just as important in my opinion.  I certainly value freedom.  I’m not sure how long I could last in a cage.  For me freedom isn’t simply about being able to do whatever I want whenever I want to – I am a bit too responsible for that.  Freedom is about being able to live my best live and not finding arbitrary barriers.  This doesn’t mean I expect my life to be easy – I enjoy being challenged.  Freedom simply means that within my physical and mental capabilities there are no barriers to living a big, juicy life.

What do you value most for yourself?  For others?  For the world?

Be Lovely to Each Other,