Monday Morning Moments – January 12, 2015

laundryI am wearing pants from the dirty laundry pile.  I didn’t do laundry this weekend.  I had fun and made art and rested instead.  I didn’t have time to do laundry this morning.  Though I did find clothes I thought were missing … they were in the dryer.  I discovered a clean shirt in a pile of clean clothes on top of the dryer.  I had clean underpants in the drawer.  I pulled my bra out of the dirty laundry pile and it passed the sniff test, so I put it on.  Magically two clean wooly socks were also on the dryer – not an actual pair but close enough.  So, I’m at work, I have pants on, and I don’t smell too badly.  What more could anyone ask on a Monday morning?

Be Lovely to Each Other,