Friday Essay – The Meaning of Life

This is me.  I am not the most serious person in the world.  Meaning-making should include some fun and humour!

This is me. I am not the most serious person in the world. Meaning-making should include some fun and humour!

I believe that life has no meaning.  In the very broadest, most general terms – life has no inherent meaning.  This doesn’t make me hopeless and apathetic (usually).  In fact, this belief opens up an amazing array of possibilities.  If human life on this planet has no predetermined or inherent meaning then the possible ways to live our lives and be together are as abundant as the human imagination.  If life has no meaning other than that which we give it then we should be free to live big, juicy lives.  The reality of course is that many humans cannot live big, juicy lives.  Many of us live in poverty, are oppressed in one or many ways, are victimized, marginalized, trapped by circumstances (physical and psychological).  Many who appear to be living big, juicy lives are greedy, overbearing, domineering and/or otherwise small of heart and mind.  Those of us privileged enough to live such juicy lives should do so and should do our best to bring others along with us. Life is inherently without meaning.  We are born and we die – the journey between the two is what we make of it.  If we are privileged enough to be able to make meaning for ourselves along this journey then, I believe, we should.

There are a lot of blogs and books and TV shows and guru-types with plenty of advice for living your best, juiciest life.  I’ve found a number of blogs entitled things like ‘Seven Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose’ and ‘The Fifty-Seven Things To Do To Live an Awesome Life’.  They are all a little different but essentially they are prompts for reflection (deep or otherwise) about one’s life, direction, purpose, mission.  I am at a place in my life where I feel called to live more deeply, more purposefully. I was drawn to some of these blogs with their lists of purpose-finding questions and decided to tackle a few of these questions by writing essays in response to them.  I am looking forward to taking some readers down these rabbit holes with me.  My plan is to post an essay per week for the next fifty two weeks. I hope you come along with me on this meaning-making journey.


Be Lovely to Each Other,