Monday Morning Moments – December 15, 2014

I have a friend who has lived in Thailand for nearly a year.  This morning her Facebook status said she had basically adjusted to the constant 12 hour days and 30 degree (Celsius) weather, but now that it is December she is missing the winter winds and piles of snow.  Most of us who live in the sub-arctic zone of North America would be inclined to disagree with her.  However, on a morning such as this I was happy to live north of the 50th Parallel.  This December morning was quiet – no wind whipping in my ears, the piles of snow muffling the traffic a block east of my walk.  This December morning was dark – not a frightening, dreary dark, but a soft smoky grey turning the clouds to kitten fluff with the dawn.  This December morning was warm – about 8 degrees below freezing, warm enough to wear my ‘light’ winter jacket instead of my parka, warm enough to enjoy the walk to work instead of wishing I’d caught the bus.  This December morning reminded me that the turning of the seasons makes my soul sing.  This December morning reminded me that the cold, dreariness of winter gives me time to be quiet, to contemplate, to meditate.  This December morning was a good one.

Be Lovely to Each Other,