April Poem a Day Challenge – NaPoWriMo #21

So, the other day I wrote three poems – one was a love poem to the earth, the second was about singing and the third was about filling up the paper with words.  However, I have misplaced that piece of paper!  Arrgghh!  I’m sure it will turn up.  In the meantime, I was thinking about Chris Hadfield this morning and I’ve come up with this weird poem.

I don’t remember ever wanting to be an astronaut when I grew up
I’m afraid of heights
I don’t like the idea of being untethered from the Earth and her safety gravity
And, now that I’m a grown up I don’t like the idea of spending billions of dollars sending
      frogs and tomatoes and people in space
      when we don’t know how Gaia’s systems work
      and we seem to be raping and choking her to death
I do remember wanting to be a rock star when I grew up
I wrote a story about running away to Montreal
     to be a drummer with Cory Heart
     yes, I was a teenager in the eighties
Who didn’t want to be a rock star?
Kids want to be astronauts
Kids want to be rock stars
Commander Chris Hadfield is a 
Rock Star
Which, in spite of my misgivings about the space program,
     is pretty cool.

Be Lovely to Each Other,