April Poem a Day Challenge – NaPoWriMo #20

One thing I’ve been trying to write is poems about burlesque performers from the old days – the turn of the 20th century until the 1960s.  I haven’t quite got there; I need a bit more research, I think.  In any event I wrote this poem that sort of gets at the feeling of burlesque.

Red Burlesque by niwanotanuki at deviantart.com

Red Burlesque by niwanotanuki

Audience sitting in the dark
Dancer preparing in the wings
The music starts
The curtain goes up
She emerges
Boldly look to audience
Coyly look away
They all know what to expect
Give them some of what they want
And some of what they never knew they wanted
Hit each musical cue with a hip
     Shake it all
The audience hollers
     Shaken all up
The final reveal
     the beauty revealed
Always what they want
Not always what they expect

Be Lovely to Each Other,