April Poem a Day Challenge – NaPoWriMo #18

It rained the other day and I told my favourite fella how much I loved it – all the different kinds of rain.  He said, as he usually does, that my story ought to be a poem.  So, here is my rain poem:

Rainy Toronto Morning

Rainy Toronto Morning

I love rain
I love all kinds of rain
I think sometimes people say they love rain
But what they mean is
     I love rain after a hot spell
     I love rain once in a while to break up the monotony of sunny days
     I love rain on days when I can snuggle with my cat and a good book
love rain
All the rain
I love rain in a I-like-sunny-days-once-in-a-while-to-give-me-a-reason-to-appreciate-rainy-days-more kind of way
I love misty rain that looks like fog
     but is much wetter
I love soft rain that makes tinkly sounds
     on the roof and windows
I love drizzly rain that makes me bring an umbrella
     but not open it
I love pouring rain that invites me to stand on the porch and watch
     curtains of it fall out of the sky
I love sprinkly rain that comes through the sunshine,
     clearing the air and making rainbows
I love the warm rain that comes after a hot, humid August day,
     cooling the air, sparking the sky with lightning and filling the air with thunder
I love all the rain
     and the cool, grey days
     that are its partner
I know its not for everyone
I truly love the rain

Be Lovely to Each Other,