April Poem a Day Challenge – NaPoWriMo #13

For this poem I used another photo prompt.  A photo I took at my local university’s natural history museum:

For my third birthday
My dad took me to Toronto on the train
We went to the Royal Ontario Museum
I saw the dinosaur skeletons
I helped the tour guide with the names
My favourite was the Triceratops
I can’t remember why
Maybe because my National Geographic book about dinosaurs described how they protected their babies from Tyranosaurus Rex attacks
Any creature that protects babies must be better than a creature that eats babies
As a child I could not have understood that such creatures don’t have motivations as complex as love and honour
It is still difficult to approach situations from the understanding that not all creatures have the same motivations as I do
Though I have never been concerned that anyone was interested in eating my child
Dinosaur Museum







Be Lovely to Each Other,