April Poem a Day Challenge – NaPoWriMo #5

This poem was not prompted by my friend Danielle.  This poem woke me up at 1:43 the other morning.  Apparently, it really wanted to be written.

superhero girl by neomonki

Superhero Girl by neomonki

Returning from lunch break
She sees a monster in the school yard
     Bigger than the other kids
     and meaner
The monster has a girl by her hair
     On her knees the girl’s face
     meeting the railing
     three times
Mild mannered witness becomes enraged
     blood boiling in her veins
     bubbling into her ears
Muscles taught
Legs pump
The mild mannered witness becomes
Child Super Hero!
Child Super Hero throws the monster to the ground and
Children gather to witness the heroic battle
Until a teacher comes along
     and sends the fighting girls to the 
     principles office
Return to her mild mannered form
Child Super Hero regrets nothing

Be Lovely to Each Other,


P.S. Danielle is in Vancouver for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam aka Verses.  Check out the link to find lots of poets whose stuff will blow you away!