April Poem A Day Challenge – NaPoWriMo Poem #3

The prompt for yesterday’s poem was to find a book, turn to page 51 and write a poem inspired by a word on that page.  I chose Anthony Bidulka‘s When the Saints Go Marching In, one of the last words in the last paragraph is ‘memory’ – here’s my poem:

I am looking forward to being old
Really old
Like eighty-six
I am looking forward to all the memories
Visiting me every day like old friends
I hope I can sit by a window
Watching clouds and trees and birds
While the movies of my past play out 
   behind my eyes
I’m savouring all the joy and love and fun
And I’m saving it in my head
Like old film in rusty canisters
I’ll pull them out
Cue the film on the projector
And spend my last days
As I spent my past days
With joy and love and fun.

Be Lovely to Each Other,


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