April 2014 Poem A Day Challenge; Poem #1 “Our Big Prairie Sky” (NaPoWriMo – National Poem Writing Month)

Saskatoon Winter Sky

Saskatoon Winter Sky

So, it’s been approximately 8,000 years since I posted to this site (yet somehow I’m still getting hits and followers), but no more!  My poet friend, Danielle, challenged her poet friends to NaPoWriMo and I have accepted the challenge.  Her first challenge was to write a poem from the prompt ‘Our big prairie sky.’  Here’s my poem:

Lying on my back in grass
A bowl of sky surrounds me
Clouds drift by
I sit at the top of a hill
The night envelopes me
Nothing between me and the stars
But the lightning
Floating in the lake
Cool on my back
Hot July wind across my face
Not sure where I end
And the sky begins

You should check out Danielle’s poem here: http://thenightisneverblackinthecity.blogspot.ca/2014/04/napowrimo2014-day-1.html


Be Lovely to Each Other,