Writing Wednesday – A Good Start

firstwomenpoliceinwarwickshireI have completed the syllabus of my writing course and I am well on my way.  Of course, it’s early days. It’s always easy to get a good start on a new project, it’s keeping up the pace that is often difficult.  However, something very interesting has occurred in the last few days that has made me rather excited about this novel project. I contacted the local archives a month or so ago asking for access to the police service’s archives.  Unfortunately, the city archives doesn’t hold the police archives and I was instructed to contact the office of the police chief.  In the end I sent a tweet to the police service asking about the first woman on the police force, as that is what I am particularly interested in. My tweet was answered by a Staff Sergeant in the service who was happy to answer my questions by e-mail.  We exchanged a couple of e-mails, including one where I mentioned that I had a book about the history of the local police on hold at the library.  It was then that I discovered that the Staff Sergeant with whom I was in touch was the author of said history book.  She has put a copy in the mail for me and I await it eagerly!  Also, she put me in touch with one of the first women on the local force.  She and I have been in touch and I am very excited about setting up an interview with her.  I had originally planned to spend a lot of time in the archives, because that’s what I like to do.  However, I expect this will be a much more rewarding experience learning about the lives and work of the first women on my city’s police force.

I have completed the reading I set myself to do this week.  I should finish the other writing assignment (this being the first) I’ve set myself – a 4,000 to 6,000 word character sketch – by the end of the week.  I’m off to a good start.  Hopefully, I can keep up the pace.

Be Lovely to Each Other,