Writing Wednesday – Tricking Myself

Editing PenI am trying to trick myself into writing my novel every day.  I am hoping to do this by pretending it is an important part of a class I am taking.  I have looked up the syllabi of some detective fiction courses from universities and am creating one for myself.  I will have some weekly assignments in the form of blog posts on Wednesdays.  I will have some monthly or semi-monthly assignments in the form of writing character sketches, timelines, actual scenes, etc.  I will have some reading assignments – right now I’ve assigned myself finishing W is for Wasted – reading things like P.D. James’ book about detective fiction and a book about the technical aspects of writing conflict, suspense and action.  I’m pretty smart so I may figure out that I’m tricking myself, but I hope I can ignore that fact for a while and just some writing done!  I’m actually having a good time putting this syllabus together.  I have a nice long list of reading assignments and writing assignments that should keep me on track.  I thought I’d read some classic detective fiction but, it makes more sense to read about detective fiction and the craft of writing the genre.  I have read quite a lot of mysteries so I feel like I understand the genre, though I don’t have the technical skill yet to craft a proper mystery novel.  I will get there and I hope that tricking myself into reading and writing to deadlines will not only get me in the habit of writing, but also give me new understanding of the craft of writing mysteries.  So, next Wednesday I will  have a post about how this tricking myself into writing thing is going.  I hope you enjoy following along.  Encouragement is appreciated!

Be Lovely to Each Other,