Friday Essay – Fun in the Sun

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

I am in Las Vegas, Nevada!  It is hot!  The daily high temperatures have and will be in the high thirties (Celsius – between 98 and 102 Fahrenheit) the whole week I’m here! I am loving it! I am a pale, white lady from Canada so I’ve been slapping on the sunblock, wearing my hat, drinking lots of water and being careful; all the while enjoying being without a sweater!!  You must all be bored of reading about how much I love Las Vegas, but … I love Las Vegas!  It is full of crazy things and weird people doing crazy things.  My favourite fella and I watched a street performing couple on Fremont Street – Captain Jack Sparrow and his buxom pirate lady – for a while one afternoon.  Then went over to get our photos taken and chat with them.  They are a lovely couple of actors who do all kinds of performing not only street performance but stage, television, burlesque. We’re going to get out of town to the desert for a few hours then to the tiki bar, followed by a double feature at the drive in.  I’m going to see Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace while my favourite fella does something that does not involve Celine Dion.  We’ve got reservations for a few nice places – Roy’s Hawaiian fusion restaurant, Gordon Ramsay’s pub and grill and brunch at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris. Apparently, I’m performing at a spoken word open mic night at a coffee shop in the Fremont East district on Monday – it should be fun!  So, really this post is just to keep me writing because I’m pretty sure you  all don’t want to hear about how I’m having a super awesome time in Las Vegas while you have to live your regular lives this week.  Not to worry!  I’ll be back to living my regular life next week.  However, in the meantime … Viva Las Vegas!

Be Lovely to Each Other,