Poetry Wednesday – Sadako Sasaki and The Bomb

Last week I posted my original poem about Sadako Sasaki, her paper cranes and my experience with The Bomb as a child.  What follows is the next set of poems I wrote on the same subject.  They are not really proper haikus, I don’t think, but they follow the format in that they are three lines and seventeen syllables long.  It made sense to me to attempt to express my love of Sadako’s story and my fear of The Bomb in a Japanese poetic form.  Any feedback will be very much appreciated!

Paper Cranes



Sick from The Bomb blast,

Sadako made many cranes.

In death, flew away.



Tiny, bird lady.

Softest hands I ever held.

Survived The Bomb.



Terrified child,

Marches to protest The Bomb,

Remains terrified.