Friday Essay – Routine

WritingI am writing this essay because it is routine.  I am starting to feel a bit out of control of my life.  Nothing serious – when I start new projects, then think about old projects I haven’t finished, then realize that I should do my laundry, and wouldn’t it be a good idea to clean the bathroom more than once a year, and maybe I could save money if I didn’t eat out so much and … – I just overwhelm myself and feel like I am no longer in control.  Which, of course, is silly.  I always have control over most of my life – I’m a grown up.  Clearly, though I’m a grown up who tries to do too many things and then becomes paralyzed by the long To-Do and Wish-To-Do lists.  So, routine is good for me – whether I like it or not – and my Friday Essays and Poetry Wednesdays are  parts of a writing routine that is good for me.  Even if they’re a little silly or inconsequential at least they get me writing.  I feel as though I have some folks to whom I’m accountable out there in cyberspace – some of whom even give me feedback!  I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and may scheduled a few posts so that I don’t forget to post when I’m away.  I think those will still count as keeping me in my writing routine.  Maybe I’ll feel free to do some other writing while I’m on holiday!  That could be fun.

Thanks for keeping me honest!

Be Lovely to Each Other,



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