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Pen and PaperI am chugging right along with my Poem-A-Day Challenge in June when I come across a tweet from The Walrus in my Twitter feed (because, really, where else would I find a tweet from a magazine?).  The tweet is promoting a poetry contest.  For the low, low price of twenty-five dollars I can submit a poem to The Walrus and if it’s a winner it will be published in October (I think) and I would win twenty-five hundred (Canadian) dollars!  To be fair, the twenty-five dollar submission fee also includes a subscription to The Walrus.  However, I can only submit unpublished poems.  They include poems that are self-published on a personal website/blog as published.  I don’t know how you feel about this, but that seems kind of poopy to me.  I mean, c’mon, when I publish a poem to my blog how many people actually see it?  A dozen? Maybe? This just doesn’t seem ‘published’ enough for me.  However, I have stopped publishing all my June Poem-A-Day Challenge poems because I’m wondering if I should be saving my poems, keeping them private and quiet until one day, by magic, some poetry contest comes along looking to publish previously unpublished poems.  Being a bit of an over-thinker and over-analyzer I’ve been thinking about this pretty hard for the last few days.  And, I have come to a conclusion – which may very well be overturned next week by my over-thinking brain – I will continue to publish my poems on my website/blog whenever I want to.  If I feel comfortable and confident enough with a poem to put it up for a dozen people to see then that is what I’m going to do!  If I hold on to some poems because I want to keep refining and working on them and they don’t get published and then I decided to submit them to an anthology or magazine then I’ll do that!  I can do whatever I like with my poems! So there!

Anyway, I’m still writing poems every day this month, I’m just not publishing every single one to my website/blog.  I hope you enjoy the ones I do publish!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Essay – Publishing

  1. To my knowledge, most places that have a contest to send in your writing also have submission costs. :-/ I assume it’s for the cost of printing and having to go through all the submissions to pick winners and such. To be fair though, the places that charge you to submit your work also usually have pretty good prizes for the winners.

    As for not being allowed to submit previously published works, (I assume they have that requirement because they want people to buy the magazine instead of going to your blog to read it,) I would suggest that if you end up wanting to publish your poetry somewhere other than your blog, then wait until you can fill a book and then publish that. 🙂 I’m doing that, sort of, but I’m actually filling a book with short stories AND poetry.

    • Thanks! I’m definitely leaning in the direction you have suggested. Especially for pieces that I really like and think are pretty decent. Which, I suppose, means I’m putting the duds on my blog … hmmm … I might have to think about this some more! 😀

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