Poetry Wednesday – Best of June Poem-A-Day Challenge (If not the best, the next one I kind of like) #2

Poetry in HandsThe roar of the grease paint!
The smell of the crowd!
Step right up and see the show!
We’ve got the weirdest acts for you tonight!
     Children cleaning their rooms!
     Office workers enjoying meetings!
     Commuters singing through the traffic jam!
All our acts come from the deepest corners of suburbia!
     Soccer moms with coolers full of juicy orange sections!
     Weekend dads in their best socks and sandals happily mowing the lawn!
     Pre-teens plugged into iPhones texting each other!
You can only find these oddities at
     Crammit & Shrug’s Famous
     Freak ‘n’ Side Show!
You won’t find a better show at a better price anywhere!
Step right up and see the freaks!
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