Friday Essay – Poem-A-Day Challenge

Poetry in HandsA lovely poetry friend mentioned at Tonight It’s Poetry that she was challenging herself to write a poem a day through the month of June.  Of course, I jumped on board!  (I’m such joiner.)  It’s really just an artificial kick in the bum to get me writing every day.  I could write a poem every day if I wanted … really … this is just a good motivator.  I’ve been writing every day so far, which is seven days – we’ll see how I’m feeling on the 20th.  Though, I did this in January and wrote 31 poems that month.  Some of them were silly poems about my dog.  Some of them were only a few lines long.  But I wrote every day and had a great time doing it.  This month I have a few poems that I plan to work on – one about jazz, one about numbers and one about burlesque – I don’t know if I’ll finish them.  They’ve been on my mind for a while and I’d like to make some progress.  Each of them has many discarded drafts and I may use those as skeletons for new poems.  That’s what I did with my ‘Damsel Rescue Yourself’ poem.  I like that one, but I’m not certain it’s finished.  Either that or there’s a sister poem to be written.  In any event, keep your eye on my Twitter feed, that’s where the new poems will be promoted every day – or most every day this month!

Don’t forget to read and write and enjoy other poetry, too!

Be Lovely to Each Other,