Friday Essay – Just Breathe

I heard this song sometime this week – it could have been this morning, maybe yesterday morning … I can’t remember.  I’ve actually been really discombobulated this week.  I’ve agreed to do too many things, all things I want to do, but perhaps too many things.  Yesterday evening my favourite fella came over and reminded me to just breathe.  He also reminded me that snuggles, kisses and tea are awesome !  I definitely needed to be reminded and I probably would have spent the evening winding myself up into a cookie-eating frenzy if he hadn’t come over.  He reminded me that I must carve out the time to just breathe.  I should probably not agree to do everything that sounds interesting to me.  And, in future I’ll make sure that I don’t schedule two volunteer things on the same day! (smooth move, ExLax!)  However, there is always room to breathe somewhere between the craziness, you just have to find it.  Or take it.  In any event, I am taking some time this weekend to just breathe and get my mind off my own crazy nonsense for a little while.  If you need to take time to keep from getting totally stressed out, you should take some time to just breathe, too.  I know the Pearl Jam song isn’t exactly about this kind of just breathing, but it definitely reminds me that life is short and we all need to take time to do the really important things, like just breathe.