Friday Essay – DREAMS

DreamsEarlier this week a friend asked about my DREAM.  You know people say, ‘Follow your DREAM.’  I realized that I don’t have one.  Not really.  I have goals.  I like to make goals and reach them.  And, I’ve done that a few times. I started degree programs that I finished.  I wanted to be a professional, full-time Director of Religious Education.  So, I got a job in another country and moved there and did that work for a while. I spent a week on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I spent my 40th birthday in Las Vegas.  I write poems that I want to perform in public, so I do.  I decide to perform burlesque pieces, so I put something together and perform it in a show. I’ve written a book – a Master’s thesis to be precise.  I’d like to have something published.  I’d be satisfied with having a short story published in a magazine. I’d like to be a bit more flexible.  And, if I spend more time doing yoga I probably can be more flexible. I want to travel to the UK and tour around there for a few weeks.  Which I can do if I save enough money and make a plan.  But I don’t have a great big DREAM.  I don’t want to be an astronaut.  I don’t want to be a popular, famous novelist.  I don’t want to perform professionally.  I am fine with this.  I was concerned for a while, though.  Maybe I should have a DREAM?  What will happen to me without a DREAM?  Then I realized that I don’t need a DREAM.  I am happy and satisfied with my life just the way it is.  I want to continue being a good mom, friend, daughter, sister, auntie, partner, lover.  I want to get better at some of those things. I want to support the people I love in whatever way they need to be supported.  I think I’m okay with that being my dream for the moment.  I don’t need a DREAM right now.  Maybe someone I love has a DREAM that I can share?  I’d be happy with that, too.  I’m not a woman who doesn’t know who she is so takes on the DREAMS of loved ones to seem fulfilled.  I actually am fulfilled.  I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel that I’ve achieved whatever it was I was supposed to achieve.  I have also reached a point where I feel that I can achieve any of the dreams that come into my head – like writing a short story or article for publication, or producing a stage show.  I’ve also reached a point in my life where I feel that I have the strength and love to support others’ DREAMS and help them come to fruition.  So, no I don’t have a DREAM.  But if you have one and I love you, I’d love to help you reach your DREAM!

Be Lovely to Each Other,