Friday Essay – Walentime’s Day

Lovers HandsYes, this is a sappy, mushy romantical post about Walentime’s Day.  Deal with it!  I have spent altogether too many Valentine’s Days with no sweetie pie to share them with.  And, frankly, I didn’t mind.  I knew deep down that the reasons for not having a sweetie pie were totally legitimate and I was not ashamed or sad or depressed or anything about not having a partner.  I had a lot of my own crap to work through before I could be a loving, supportive, emotionally healthy partner.  Last year I made a conscious decision to work through that crap.  I saw a counsellor a few times and did a lot of hard work.  And, it totally paid off!  I am a basically healthy human who is capable of maintaining a loving and mutually supportive relationship.  Not only am I capable of it but I am very lucky to be in such a relationship now.  So, yesterday was the first Walentime’s Day I spent doing the things that grown ups are supposed to do on February 14th.  We exchanged gifts, we went to a movie (a very entertaining shoot-em-up movie), we went for drinks, we did other things.  We enjoyed each other’s company.  We enjoy each other’s company all the time, but there was something particularly wonderful about sharing this particular day with the man I love. I tell him how I feel every day, but some how sharing Valentine’s Day with this man reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place.  I guess I’m just a big sappy romantic … who likes Die Hard movies.  Really, what’s wrong with being a sappy romantic?

Next week, I think my post will be about being single for a very long time.  It was something I had to do in order to become the person I am right now.  I don’t think anyone must be in a relationship to be complete or whole or any of that stuff.  I just know that being in this relationship with this man is exactly where I belong.

Be Lovely to Each Other,