Friday Essay – Poem-A-Day Challenge, Part II

Poetry in HandsSo, I made it to the end of January with just over thirty-one poems!  Yay!  Some are the worst kind of poo ever written.  Some are adequate.  Some aren’t really finished.  Some I felt good enough about to post on Wednesdays through the month.  So, what did I learn?  What did I get out of this exercise?  Well, first I’m going to admit that I didn’t actually write a poem every single day, but I definitely wrote 31 poems in 31 days, so I’m happy with that.  (Sometimes you have to swap big-late-night-fun with write-two-poems-in-one-day!)  I learned that it doesn’t take a lot of time to jot down a few lines of verse.  I learned that a poem doesn’t have to be amazing the first time from head to paper.  I learned that most poems are not like that.  I learned that writing a poem a day makes me stop and get in touch with myself: what am I feeling that I want to write a poem about?; what is inspiring me?  Which is good because I tend to spend a lot of time in my own head with my thoughts and less time in my own heart with my feelings.  I learned that the more I write poetry the more poetry I write.  I learned that the more I write poetry the more I want to write poetry.  I learned that I want to spend time working on a poem.  Writing a brand new poem every day is awesome, but sometimes I need to work on it.  Mull it over. Find new words.  Find more words. Throw out words.  I don’t know if I’ll keep up my poem a day practice – it seems a good one.  What I do know is that I don’t want to lose the elasticity I seem to have found in my brain.  I used to feel like I had to wait for a poem to come to my head – and that does happen, especially after hearing awesome stuff at a slam or community stage.  Now I can sit down in front of a blank sheet in my notebook and write a poem – boom! – something will come to mind!  It might be sappy or crappy, but it’ll be something I can at least work with.  It feels like some good creative juices have started flowing and I don’t want to let them dry up again!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Essay – Poem-A-Day Challenge, Part II

  1. Hi Laura. Thanks for sharing stories of your 31 in 31. After reading about your experience I’m determined to give something similar a try. I’m tired of just waiting for the poetry fairy to drop one off in my head. Brent

    • Awesome! Good luck Brent. I think the more I sit down and think, “Now I will write a poem,” the more the poetry fairy shows up. Sometimes she’s tired like me and the stuff she brings isn’t that great, but it’s all stuff I can work with!

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