Poetry Wednesday – January

Winter Beauty

January you are a cold and brutal mistress

There is no warmth in you

We have to make our own warmth in spite of you

Your arctic winds bite noses and cheeks

We all look the same in our battle armour –

wool and down,

Gortex and Thinsulate

Prepared to face you –

Do your worst, January!

I am not afraid of you!

Everything but my eyes is protected, covered


Blow your fierce winds!

Throw your blankets of snow!

Give me all you’ve got!

I am not afraid of you, January!

I have on my battle gear

and tucked away in a corner of my mind

where you cannot find

is the memory of a perfect July afternoon

floating in the lake,

the sun shining down,

the breeze warm across my face,

the water cool on my back,

the smell of parched pine and grilling meat  on the air.

Bring it on, January!

I am not afraid of you!