Friday Essay – Oh, Yoga (now with cute bunnies!)

bunnies doing yoga

I just want to be as cute as these bunnies when I’m doing yoga!

So my favourite fella has embarked upon a 30 day yoga challenge – 30 yoga classes in 30 days.  He is feeling great and having a great time.  There is no way I could do a 90 minute yoga class every day for a week, so forget doing that for a month.  But I figured I could do one yoga class a week for … well, a while anyway.  So, on Wednesday I went to a yoga class.  I have free access to the fitness centre and fitness classes through my work (I love working for a university), which makes it easy for me to go to a class and not feel guilty that I’m not using all the facilities.  It was a good class.  I did some poses I haven’t done for a while – my shoulders are feeling it, but it’s manageable.  I did not do dolphin pose – which is basically a handstand – because there’s no way my body can do that – not now anyway, maybe later.  There were some other poses I didn’t quite manage and some that I managed not too badly, to my surprise!  The thing I really took away from that class was the reminder the instructor gave us a couple of times – ‘Remember why you are here.’  When a pose was feeling like a bit too much (I backed off from some of those) or something was bothersome or frustrating we were instructed to remember why we were in the class.

So, why did I go to yoga that evening?  Why do I think it’s important and valuable to work on a yoga practice at all?  The first thing that came to my mind when she asked the question was, “I’m a dancer.”  Which must be true on some level otherwise why would my brain have come up with that response?  I realized that I love to move my body, but not by running or skiing or swimming or any of that kind of stuff.  I love to use my body for art – I love to dance, to sing, to write, to perform.  So the reason I think I might just stick with the yoga is because I want to have a body that dances and sings and writes and performs without any pain or limitations.  Granted, I’m getting old, so I should expect some limitations.  But with more yoga and more walking and more dancing and more singing I think I can reasonably expect to be able to get my body to do what I want when I want.

Yep!  I think I’ll stick with it because I want to dance more.  I’ll let you know how that works out in a month or so!

Be Lovely to Each Other,