Poetry Wednesday – Before the Internet

This month I am writing one poem per day!  So, I’ll be posting my own poetry all month – I’m going to post the best of it, which may only be mediocre!


The Internet

Before the internet

knowing things was hard.

I had to read a lot of books

and magazines

and newspapers

I had to spend time at the


Before the internet

knowing things was regulated

I read books published by

big companies

written by clever authors

vetted by agents

reviewed by editors

I read journal articles published by eminent universities and associations

written by scholars

reviewed by boards of experts

housed in special library collections

I listened to, watched and read the news

chosen by editors

written by brave and clever journalists

published in respected newspapers

produced by respectable

television and radio stations

Before the internet

knowing things was work

knowing things was special

knowing things was respected

Now anybody can know something

The internet is full of stuff

Sometimes the stuff people know seems like

an awful lot of uninformed garbage

Now, I’ve sort of stopped learning

because its hard to tell what is worth



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