Friday’s Essay – Making New Friends

Friends I am an introvert, so I don’t make friends easily or quickly.  As an introvert I prefer deep, meaningful conversation and connections with a small group of close friends.  This can make it pretty hard to make new friends.  It takes a long time to develop the trust and depth I prefer in my friendships.  There are people I have known for more than a decade I still consider acquaintances.  So, I was super surprised to discover that I have made new friends.  Not only are these people interesting and fun I feel comfortable confiding in them.  Crazy right? How did this happen? Well, I got old, my friends moved away, grew up and/or had kids, then my own kid moved out. So, I had to make something of a new life for myself.  I have my congregation – which is wonderful.  I can often have meaningful conversations with almost perfect strangers in the context of a spiritual forum.  I also have made some real friends in the congregation.  While many are at different life stages, which can make getting together difficult, I know I could call on these folks were I ever in a real jam.  I also have friends I’ve made though my artistic endeavours – burlesque, singing, writing. These, too, are great friends with whom I have a lot in common, have great fun, and could certainly call on in a jam. I feel blessed that I have made new friends who share my sense of humour, who love art and music and literature, who are passionate about social and political issues. I don’t think I’ll ever have an enormous circle of friends.  It’s good to know, though, that as I grow as a person there will be new friends, along with the old, with whom to share pieces of myself.