Friday’s Essay – Goin’ to Las Vegas, Baby!

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

Okay, I don’t really like texting abbreviations used outside of texting, but OMG!  I am going to Las Vegas, Baby!  I’ve never been before and the place looks completely insane!  In spite of the fact that at least a couple of people die there nearly every week I still want to go!  I’m going for my 40th birthday.  (More on that next week.)  And, I figured I’d better do something big.  And, really, what is bigger and sillier and crazier than Vegas?  Nothing.  There was not one thing I could think of that was more worthy of my 40th than blowing a ridiculous amount of money going to Vegas.  I bought two guide books and discovered that there is so much silly craziness there that it is completely impossible to do even one quarter of it on a week-long vacation.  So, I had to pick my top things.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Old Vegas – I couldn’t get a trip to Vegas in 1962 so I have to do the next best things: stay at the Golden Nugget and go on the waterslide through the shark tank (I’m not kidding – that is going to be the freaking highlight of my trip!!) and, see some crazy Rat Pack show.

Get my BurlyQ on: see Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zumanity’; see Jubilee! the last classic showgirl show, plus go backstage and see how the magic happens; and, pay homage to the grand dames of the art at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Celebrate my birthday: go for happy hour drinks at the Stratosphere Tower’s Level 107 lounge so that I can drink two of something called ‘The Negroni’ (sounds like the perfect gin cocktail) for the price of one; and, eat a scrumptious Hawaiian-fusion meal at Roy’s.

Have fun with my brother: solve a mysterious crime at the CSI Experience; eat loco moco at what is reported to be one of the best Hawaiian restaurants east of the Islands; maybe go to the Hoover Dam; and, watch how much he barfs on the craziest roller coaster in the world!

Go shopping: I’m not really a big shopper (not including groceries, the last thing I bought was a plant), but I can’t resist playing the tourist and going to outlet malls, fancy-pants shoppes in a fake Venetian market square, and, my personal favourite, a huge, wicked-ass vintage and thrift clothing store!

Super awesome fun times for me!  Viva Las Vegas!




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