[FGC #5] Form and Genre Challenge – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Form & Genre Challenge 2012

I subscribe to a writing blog called Write Anything. If you follow me on Twitter (LauraMcWriter) you’ve probably seen some of the blog posts – I tweet them a few times a week, sometimes twice a day.  Every week the good folks at Write Anything host a Form and Genre Challenge.  This week’s is Twit-Fic – a story of 140 characters or less.  I have discovered that I enjoy writing poetry and I particularly enjoy being parsimonious (my new favourite word) with words, so I wanted to take up the challenge of writing a story of less than 140 characters. I hope you’ll enjoy this story and, please, check out the other entries by heading over to Write Anything’s Form and Genre Challenge post today.  Hey, why don’t you take up the challenge?

“Go home,” I said. “You can’t come sniffing around here every day.”  In the end, I had to break up with his dog, too.

(Character Count – 116)




7 thoughts on “[FGC #5] Form and Genre Challenge – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Awwww, poor dog! I agree with the other comments; you did a great job keeping it brief, with great dialogue. I think she will miss the dog more than the boyfriend!

  2. I love how the narrator seems even more upset about removing the dog from their life than they do ‘the sniffer’. At least thats how I’m choosing to read this. Great story!

  3. Not the dog! How heartbreaking.
    Very strong narrative with quirky humour.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  4. Nicely written piece, I really laughed out loud 😛 You did really nicely with the writing too, a lot fewer characters than you could have used, yet describing it nicely!

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