Poetry Wednesday – The Moment of Your Birth

My BabyThe moment of your birth was a great relief,

maybe to you, too.

Finally, after much struggle, you arrived.

They whisked you away.

I don’t know what they did,

hooked  you up to machines?

poked you with pointy things?

When they handed you to me

you were a tiny bundle in a flannel blanket covered with tiny blue flowers

you had a head of unruly black hair

your eyes were wide and purple

your little toothless mouth was wide and screaming.

I cried.

My heart opened wider than it had ever opened

it took you all in

all of you filled up my heart.

I fell in love.

There are no words to describe how hard I fell in love.

As though at the same time my heart opened up to bring you in

your wide violet eyes let me in, too.