Clear Blue Sky Homesickness

(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan -2 lane hwy.  Steam rises into a clear blue sky, snow covered fields.)

Clear blue Saskatoon winter sky

The sky’s blue changes as I look from the horizon – well, as close to the horizon as I can see through the buildings downtown – to overhead.  Palest blue with a golden hint, light grey blue, finally a bright clear, eye-watering blue.  The sky overhead is full of pale white ghosts of clouds.  Barely visible.  It makes me homesick.  Homesick for where?, I wonder.  The arctic?  Where the pale winter morning sky doesn’t light until ten?  The west coast?  Where a blue winter morning sky is like a miracle?  Hawai’i?  Where the morning sky and vast Pacific ocean seem to be one?  Could I be homesick for a time and not a place?  Could this morning’s Saskatoon winter sky simply remind me of times past?