NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 15

You caught me!  I didn’t post anything yesterday.  I didn’t even write anything yesterday.  Wanna know why?  I was tired.  I had a headache.  I wanted to finish my book.  I wanted to drink hot chocolate and eat cookies.  So I did.  And, it felt good!  I haven’t written anything today yet, either.  I did make some notes about reorganizing the book.  And, I’ve downloaded a trial version of Scrivener.  I know that’s kind of like procrastination, but it feels like working on the book so I’m going to take it.  I’m feeling tired and a little cranky right now, again.  So, I’m either going to have more cookies and cocoa or watch ‘Gunless’, or maybe all three, then go to bed.

Cookies & Cocoa

Oh, yes I did!




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