NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 13

This one will be short and sweet!  I did not write much this morning.  But what I did write made me very happy.  I figured out where my book begins and the last few sentences of the first chapter, or perhaps just of the first scene of the first chapter – we’ll see.

The Saskatoon police had received a 1929 mug shot from the New York City Police Department. At twenty-one years old Archibald Hewitt was some looker.  Even in his mug shot he had mischief in his eyes and a smirk on his lips.  There was something about him that reminded me of Cary Grant.  Especially in his 1930s comedies, Grant always had a look – a twinkle in his eye, a knowing smile – that made it seem as though something incredibly funny had just happened and he was the only one who got the joke.  There was something of that in Hewitt’s photo.  He had dark hair that fell into one eye, a straight thin nose, a square jaw, full lips and he was, according to the lines on the wall behind him, about six feet tall.  I suspect he had women, and probably a few men, falling all over him.  He definitely had Hollywood good looks.  So, what had brought him to Saskatoon? And, why had he ended up dead in the passenger seat of his own sports car on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River?

There’s a bit more to it, but writing that last sentence just brought it all together for me.  I have a much better of idea of where I’m going.  I think I’m going to have to change ‘ended up’ to something else, but I’ll come to that later.  So, far I’m still interested in this story.  In fact, the more I write it the more intrigued I become.  I look forward to finishing this story, even if that’s next  year and not at the end of November!