NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 10


No one is having sex here!

I woke up this morning just after 4:00 with ideas swirling around in my head.  I was grateful that it wasn’t werewolves this time!  This morning it was Archie.  I’ve been having trouble putting Archie on paper.  Really it has been my own fault.  I decided a while ago that the novel would all be written in the first person.  The main protagonist is a forensic historian, so the other characters’ stories are all told through the letters and journals that our historian, Parker, finds and reads.  Throughout this NaNoWriMo exercise I’ve had no problem writing Parker’s story.  It’s in the first person, she’s a girl, she’s a historian, she’s going on a date with a guy she’s not sure about – I can relate.  And, I was trying to write this story from beginning to end.  Well, after reading Aunt Agony’s helpful column about skipping around I realized that I didn’t have to write the whole story from beginning to end.  Which also gave me the freedom to write anything I needed to write.  It didn’t have to write a story entirely in the first person to end up with a novel that is told in letters and journal entries.  I needed to get to know these characters whose letters and journals I’ll be going through. And this morning Archie showed up at 4:30.  Poor dead Archie was alive and well and driving from LA to Saskatoon in the early winter of 1938.  And then, much to my surprise, Archie and Lillian had sex on my kitchen table!  Well, technically they were in his apartment in 1938, but the story was committed to paper on my kitchen table.  Well, now I know quite a lot more about Archie and Lillian than I did just six hours ago.  The likelihood of this passage making it into my novel is slim as I am determined to keep the format I originally decided upon.  However, now that I know these characters better – almost too well, really – I can certainly find their letters and journals for Parker to read.  I’m pretty sure Lillian wrote a steamy journal entry after that evening!