NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 4

I’m starting to falter.  I feel the story wanting to come out, but I keep dancing around it.  I wrote less than 300 words today and about 610 yesterday.  I think I might actually have to give up on the writing and organize my plot over the weekend.  It’s all well and good to push through the writing for the sake of the NaNoWriMo


I like writing stuff!

exercise, but I’d actually like to have a coherent first draft at the end of this work.  And, really with just less than 4000 words I’m well behind and don’t see anyway of catching up.  I have too many other things I’m doing this weekend. Oh, and I have to spend about 8 hours of my weekdays at my job.  However, I currently have about 3500 words more than I did on October 31st.  And, not everyone who wants to write a novel ever sits down and gets out even 3500 words.  So, I will press on!  I may not reach the heralded 50,000 words, but I will be able to say that I wrote some every day and will continue to write after this month is over!

And, I’ve found other things to write.  I wrote a haiku today.  Seriously!  I’ve never in my life written a haiku before.  I’ve been afraid of them.  There was this girl in high school – Naomi Grant – who always had haiku poems published in the literary magazine and yearbook.  They were lovely, delicate, intricate masterpieces of language.  The discipline it must take to write such amazing tiny things!  I could never create such a wondrous work of art, I thought.  In fact, all my poetry was clumsy and pedantic and uninspired.  But, I just might have written an actual, factual, interesting (if not truly inspired) haiku.  I’ll post it soon.

So, I like writing stuff.  I’m writing stuff I never thought I would or could write.  What could be better?  Even if I don’t finish 50,000 coherent words of a novel! (oh, and my blog posts have been about 200 – 300 words every day, too!)