Love Letter to Me

Standing in My Light

Standing in My Light

I took an online workshop called ‘Emerge’ through ‘Live it to the Full’ – props to Schmutzie for promoting it – in August!  It was awesome!  Look at that chick there.  She is standing in the light, letting the world see her – all of her.  I don’t think she could have done that a year ago, and she definitely couldn’t have done it 15 or 20 years ago.  One of the assignments was to take a picture of yourself standing in your light – ta da (see above)!  The following assignment was to write a love letter to yourself.  How daunting does that sound?  Seriously?  I mean do I even like myself?  Then I thought a little bit more about this.  Do I like myself enough to write myself a love letter?  Well, why don’t I just start writing and see what ’emerges’?

Dear Laura,

I love you.  You are a strong and independent woman.  You set goals and reach them.  You do what you need to do not only to pay the bills and put food on the table, but to feed your spirit and live authentically.  You have raised a daughter who is a good person (and she’ll find herself eventually).  You have touched the lives of families and children in ways you will never know.  You are not just a good friend but, a great friend. You are loyal and supportive and kind and generous with your friends and family.  You are brave. You have taken on daunting tasks without fully understanding all the consequences and completed them with grace.  You have been thrown into difficult situations from which you emerged stronger. You are adventurous – travelling to exotic locales on your own and performing in front of hundreds of people.  You are creative.  You are intelligent.  You are spiritual. You know when to say ‘no’.  You know how to ask for help.  You are learning to be vulnerable.  This is not easy as you have had to be strong for a very long time.  You are amazing.  You continue to be amazing.   You become more amazing every day.  I love you.

Well, there you are.  This is what has ’emerged’ from this exercise.  Thanks so much to the facilitators of this wonderful workshop!