Writing Prompt from Alice Kuipers (yes, the Alice Kuipers!)

Alice Kuipers posted this writing prompt, “It cost a bit more but …”

Before you go any further this work comes with a language and violent situation warning.  If  you have small children they probably shouldn’t read this.  If you don’t like salty language, I apologize ahead of time. Here’s what I wrote:

“It cost a bit more but, she couldn’t see any other way.  She had to get out of Philadelphia.  How the hell did she get into this mess?  Fine, she’d get the ticket to Boston instead of New York.  It would probably be just as easy to get lost in Boston.  And, frankly, he’d probably be less likely to find her there.  He’d expect New York.  They’d always talked about a second honeymoon there.  Jesus, a second honeymoon?!  That seemed like some weird fantasy now.  How fucking blind could she have been?  An affair would have been preferable.  All the secrets, the too late nights.  She’d figured he was cheating.  God, how she wished it had been that simple.  A nice little affair with some doe-eyed bimbo he’d met at the club.  But this?  Holy shit!  A body in the walk-in freezer!?  Thank god he was in Vegas for the next couple of days.  She’d get to Boston, buy a new phone, then call her brother.  He’d know what to do.  Well, not with the body in the freezer – Sean could bloody well deal with that himself!  Peter had some connections in the FBI.  He’d figure it out with her.

She paid for the ticket in cash.  Sean would surely notice a thousand dollars missing, but what else could she do?  Well, she’d worry about that once she was in Boston.  The departure was called over the PA system.  She hoisted the heavy duffle bag onto her shoulder and headed to the platform.  She took a last surreptitious look around 30th Street Station.  She shoved her huge sunglasses up the bridge of her nose and adjusted the long black wig.  As she boarded the train she felt as though she was saying goodbye to a dear friend forever.  From this moment on Dina McCann would cease to exist.  Some black haired woman with huge sunglasses and nothing but a dirty duffle bag had replaced her.”

So that’s what I wrote.  I had no idea what would come to my mind when I first put pen to paper and, I admit, I’m a little surprised.  Pleasantly surprised.  I know what I want to write is detective/crime fiction and that is exactly what came out of my mind and on to the page.  So, what do you think?