Poor Dead Archie

I suspect most writers quite like the characters that live in their books and minds.  I really like Archie, unfortunately Archie is dead.  Poor dead Archie.  When Archie came to me he was already dead.  One reason I like Archie so much is that he is based on Cary Grant – and who doesn’t like Cary Grant?  Archie was a petty thief and con man, hiding out from some fellows he double crossed.  Archie was handsome, well-dressed, well-spoken and a gentleman.  Archie was in love – really in love, not just pretending in order to carry out a con – and that’s what got Archie killed.  Poor dead Archie.

I guess in a way it’s good that Archie was already dead before I met him.  I think I might have trouble killing him.  I think of all the beloved characters in the Wizarding World that J.K Rowling killed – well, some died almost before she could stop it – it must have been devastating for her.   I know I’d be quite distraught if Archie had been killed before I could stop it.  However, Archie was already dead when I met him, so that makes it easier.  Poor dead Archie.

I hope this isn’t weird.  I mean, I like Archie almost more than I like real people, is that weird?  Of course it’s weird – I’m weird.  Which, in my opinion, makes me a good writer.  I have a ridiculously vivid imagination and all sorts of crazy weird things go on in there!  In any event, I look forward to putting Archie’s story to paper even though I already know how it ends.  Poor dead Archie.