My Boring Novel

I have this story in my head that I’d like to tell.  I gave my family a bit of a brief overview of the main characters, the plot highlights and whatnot.  My daughter thinks it will be boring.  My daughter (love of my life and bane of my existence) is seventeen.  While I believe she loves me, she thinks I’m weird and boring and all that jazz.  And, really I find it hard to disagree with her.  However, I think my story is pretty interesting.  What do you think?

Main Sleuth:   She is a professor of history who consults with the police on unsolved/historical cases.  She interviews people and finds evidence in documents – letters, newspapers, diaries, etc.  My daughter thinks this is boring.  Police, private detectives and forensic anthropologists do their sleuthing in much more exciting ways.  Hunting down bad guys, getting into gun fights, handling putrifying and putrified corpses is, apparently,  far more exciting than reading old love letters, learning stories from old folks and 70 year old police files.

Main Mystery: In the spring of 1939 the body of known thief and con artist, Archibald Lockwood was found in his car in a wooded area along the riverbank just outside of Saskatoon.  The police followed a few leads to Moose Jaw and Chicago (or other cities depending on what I come up with), but couldn’t make an arrest.  By the summer of 1939 the case was basically cold.  In 2005 some new evidence turns up in the attic of the house Lockwood was rooming in at the time of his death.  This leads the police and our intrepid historian/sleuth into a 66 year old story of love, passion and murder!

I’d read it – well, of course, my goal is to write the book I’d like to read.  What do you think?  Would you read it?



2 thoughts on “My Boring Novel

  1. Ack! How could she??? Finding stuff in an attic is NEVER boring. Especially when it tells a story of love, passion and murder. The stuff of legends, I tell you.

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