My Original Blog

I originally opened this blogger account to start a blog containing useful hints and tips for Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators.  I had been one for seven years, served two congregations and really loved the work.  I was thinking about ways of keeping involved and on top of the current issues, etcetera.  I opened the account, made a pretty page, wrote an introductory message and made a list of topics to blog about.  And, never did anything with it again.  I thought that was my passion.  I thought it was the one, most important thing I ought to and could do with my life.  I kept looking at the Liberal Religious Educators Association website for job postings.  I volunteer for children and youth things at my home congregation and with the national organization.  When I started the blog and the volunteering, I was doing it to keep involved when the time came for me to be a Director of Religious Education again.  I’m not saying it isn’t important work anymore, just that perhaps it’s not my most important work anymore

Then, I had an idea for a novel.  I’d started something last year.  I had about 20 handwritten pages introducing my intrepid sleuth.  But, a few weeks ago a real mystery came into my mind.  I’m pretty sure this big idea had to do with all the Cary Grant movies from the ’30s I was watching.  No matter – it was a real idea for a murder mystery and I actually had the important parts of the story formulated in my mind before I got out of bed that morning.

Then, I started thinking about an MFA in Writing degree.  The program helps writers complete something for publication while learning more about the craft of writing.  Then, I found out that the University of Hawaii at Manoa has a big language, linguistics and literature school with a doctoral program in writing.  (I am actually interested in completing a Ph.D.  I’m also really keen on spending at least four years of my life in Hawaii!)

Then, I read a blog post about being an artist.  The fellow told me to: write what I like; use my hands; read what I like, then read what those authors liked; do good work, then put it where people can see it.  So, I started writing.  I started writing and putting it where people can see it.  Granted, I don’t know that it’s particularly good and I only have 8 friends and relatives following this blog.  However, I am writing and putting it where people can see it, if they want to.

The moral of the story?  What I’m really passionate about is writing.  So, I should do that.  A lot.