Write What You Like

Thanks to Austin Kleon for his post about being an artist.  His third suggestion for being an artist/writer is ‘Write the book you want to read’, and he gave me permission to ‘write what I like’.  As he says, the maxim ‘write what you know’, is not only cliche but boring.  I have to agree – I’m pretty sure that no one is really interested in a long, meandering story about a woman (nearly forty and lowering her cholesterol) who spends her days as an assistant to a university vice-president and her evenings and weekends as an amateur burlesque performer … hmmm.  Seriously, my life is actually quite mundane and would not make for interesting reading.  However, what I like is mystery novels and history.  And, I can write that!

My plan is for this blog to become an exercise in ‘publishing’ something at least once a month – I’m trying not to be too ambitious.  I’d love to publish a post once a week, but I don’t know if I have that much resolve.  My dear friend at A Blissful Life posts about once a week and I love it!  So, hopefully I can do the same.

For now this is a small blog.  My personal exercise in writing what I like and doing it often!



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